Knights Templar and the Scottish Sanctuary

Crusader History

Scotland had always been an important location for the Order of the Knights Templar. The political landscape in Scotland at that time, made it a particularly suitable sanctuary, following the attack against the Templars by King Philip Of France and the Pope.

With the death of King Alexander III of Scotland in 1286, the ancient line of Celtic kings came to an abrupt end. For there was no brother, sister or children, and his only heir was Margaret: The Maid of Norway, who died on route to Scotland, leaving Scotland with no King or Queen.

The land of Scotland lay in dispute by possible successors, each prepared to take up arms and fight for Scotland’s crown. The infighting continued, until it was agreed to ask for help from King Edward I of England in choosing Scotland’s new king and ruler.

However, King Edward I had other ideas, he took advantage…

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