More Military COVID Vaxx Stigma Double-Speak

The Tactical Hermit

Dishonorable discharges for vaccine refusal would be blocked under congressional proposal

The Fact they would even consider giving a solider, sailor, airman or Marine a Dishonorable or OTH for exercising their Constitutional Right to make a decision about their own health is TERRIBLE but the fact they are going forward with KICKING somebody out of the Military for NOT getting the Vaccine is just as BAD!

Listen, getting a Dishonorable or OTH Discharge has MASSIVE ramifications on a person’s life. It’s like having a Felony on your record basically. Most employers will not touch you if you have one. By the same token getting Kicked out of the military EARLY even with a Honorable Discharge does not look good either! Think about it: How are you going to explain to your next employer why you only did a year of your four year enlistment?

“Oh they kicked me out for…

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