Today’s Geopolitical Forecast

China/Russia/Iran/Syria/Hezbollah make honest dealings in terms of building a framework for new natural gas exports to the EU.

Israel indiscriminately kills Palestinians because, according to Hashem, Palestinians do not exist. Israel also plans to sanction the Taliban for failing to launch Taliban International Holocaust Day version 3.032b.

In other news, the United States continues to exist as the sickle cell anemia going concern in terms of global sway. The good news is that blacks are going to have student loans forgiven for the loans inherent structural racism is the reason so many black children not only are unaware they are enrolled in university…CNN confirmed that infact many rappers did not get extended their record deals for systemically racist classwork interfered with their record signings ….rumor is that Obama, Opera, Spike Lee and Maxine Waters plan to handle the contracts for the new rappers Lil Knee and Big Grow

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