Why Männerbund

The Sperg Box

We’ve talked about what the Männerbund can do for you. That’s never enough. We shall now discuss why you ought to bite the bullet and find the Männerbund. You should do this because it is the one thing society is not gearing you to do. It’s the last thing we haven’t tried, yet. (That is a patent pending lie.)

See now, the modern world is conditioned to judge the potentiality of success for a thing based entirely upon the merit of its novelty. Is it new? Exciting? Shiny? The idea is that newness must lead to success. The idea is that the old ways are outmoded. Are they? Are they really? We live in a modern era where rebooting the same damned movie five times in a row and claiming it is original, somehow makes sense.

And I know that you know that this is wrong.

There is no sense…

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