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We took a cross country, three family trip. That broke some ground. It was Seaxling’s first long haul – first long haul for the other toddler. And holy Wōden knows I haven’t dragged myself out of New England in years.

To that end: it was a fun exercise, other than the gruel of a long, unbroken drive in the camper rented by the Carpool Captain. In crossing State lines, it became eminently clear what I’ve read; that the Tri-State area produces that quintessential New England flavour. Because I can say, passing through the Metro of Boston, there was a cloistered, ominous feeling. The men talked about the tragedy of Boston, and how that culture having been usurped is now a cudgel. Their institutes of higher learning, once a badge of honor, now a weapon of soft power. La-dee-dah. And into Connecticut where the signs of urban sprawl were still seen…

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