Israel Trying To Hide Deaths From Vax 3rd Booster Shot

Verum Et Inventa

No, no, you can’t see this! Everything is fine. Just keep taking your subscription clot shot… kill shot… completely safe FDA approved mandatory vaccine (or else!).

I haven’t verified the following because I have at least 10 other tabs with news I need to check out first. From Imgur, a graphic showing a large spike in deaths following the July 30th booster shot, purportedly from John Hopkins University.

Another graphic from Imgur, showing Coof deaths are starting earlier this year than last year, meaning we will have that Dark Winter that Dementia Joe has been predicting. Note that the graph does not distinguish between Coof deaths and Vax deaths. Also look up ADE, or Antibody Dependent Enhancement on this blog or elsewhere. This…

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One thought on “Israel Trying To Hide Deaths From Vax 3rd Booster Shot

  1. The intensification of the gevaltonomics is going to be… What it is. That envelope is being pushed wicked far, rather fast. Gives me leave to wonder, how far can they push the golem before it falls off the cliff with the lemmings or starts to wake up.

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