The United Nations and Western Governments Endorse Shocking Vaccine Mandates, Violating Human Bodily Integrity and Autonomy | Global Research

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August 25, 2021 more than three thousand hospital workers, sanitation workers, MTA workers, teachers, artists and police rallied at New York’s City Hall to protest the mandate for Covid-19 vaccine, which has been proven unsafe, with many horrific long-term “side-effects” of the vaccine, multiple deaths, deadly, often chronic heart damage,  a “vaccine” which it is feared changes both the dna of the vaccinated, and as the future will demonstrate, may cause sterility.   Yes, this vaccine will reduce the population.

This mandate changes the relationship between the state and the individual, as the slogan “no jab, no job” threatens the livelihood and the lives of workers throughout the United States and all countries mandating a vaccine generating enormous profits for the “Big Pharma,” now guaranteed immunity from liability for the often lethal consequences of the vaccine.  According to British legal authority Francis Hoar, this mandate violates the Nuremberg Code, International Human…

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