The Mark of the Human

The American Sun

By Henry Hogan

In plain sight, the Regime is privileging the vaccinated population while blocking the
unvaccinated from ordinary, and necessary, human activities. New York City recently launched the nation’s first vaccine passport system, whereby indoor dining, fitness, and entertainment venues will be restricted to vaccinated persons only. Quebec, Canada’s second most populous province, will require proof of vaccination for non-essential services, including gyms and restaurants. Overseas, the European Union’s Digital Covid Certificate exempts vaccinated persons from restrictions on freedom of movement.

Such intrusive and unnecessary decrees are not only a product of New York, Quebec, and
the EU. Perhaps more pertinent to the average American, vaccination privileges have extended to areas of employment and education. College campuses have extended vaccine mandates to
students and staff, at both public and private institutions. CNN recently fired three unvaccinated employees. The kritarchy has upheld the legal validity of employer-mandated vaccination in a…

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