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(Warning, political opinion follows. Beyond these parentheses lie little in the way of fluff, for those of my readers unsympathetic to far Right of Centre thinking. Persist at your leisure following this caveat.)



Is that White Boy Summer the kids keep telling about over yet? I don’t know about you, but I didn’t feel a damn thing, other than the lateness of the hour at hand. It was hot, and it feels suspiciously, between bills and the Eternal News Cycle, that my privilege, which is White, was indeed heavy.

A few things have brought me to this crux. The first is YouTube. Of late, I’ve listened to a Lovecraft here, a Howard there. Audiobooks. A good friend turned me their way. In so doing the YouTube Algorithm reminded me of a song I listened to in my teens. “Nobody’s Real,” by Rob Zombie’s brother Powerman 5000. Yes…

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