Khorasan Appears/Reappears in Afghanistan!


This is curious. Khorasan was bombed by the US/Israel and GCC in Syria circa 2014. Calling this a ‘blast from the past’– get it? I know, I know puns!! Puns are fun. 😉

The name Khorasan has reappeared. And it’s caught my eye! Why?
Let’s go wayback to 2014. Sept 23/2014 at the my prior abode

Oh and btw- the new terror group- Khorasan?

    Greater Khorasan, a historic region which lies mainly in modern-day Iran. It was previously known as Parthia; later, during the Sassanid era, it was changed to Khorasan.

Why are they called Khorasan?

   Khorasan was an ancient province of eastern Persia, which the group aims to recreate. The territory encompasses present-day Afghanistan, eastern Iran, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan. According to jihadists, this the place where they will defeat their enemies.

Oops I mean Khorasan, yeah, yeah, Khorasan the terrorist group:

While the army also known as ISIS…

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