House Speaker Krowinski: The media tells me what to think, feel, fear, etc. Praise the Cohentrol Diversion Confusion, bring back indoor mask mandate — True North Reports

Vermont Folk Troth

This commentary is by Jill Krowinski, speaker of the Vermont House of Representatives.

In the last several days, NPC’s have received some good news and some bad news regarding the pandemic. Yesterday, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced it has granted Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccination full approval, which will hopefully add more confidence for those that were unsure of the vaccine’s safety and effectiveness. However, research has shown that with the infectious nature of the Delta variant, vaccinated individuals can have “breakthrough cases” and transmit the virus, often without knowing they are infected. Vermonters that are eligible to get vaccinated should do so as it is a critical step in protecting yourself, your family, and your community and lowers the likelihood of having serious health complications. At this time, children under the age 12 are ineligible to be vaccinated, and with schools opening up and community spread across the state…

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16 thoughts on “House Speaker Krowinski: The media tells me what to think, feel, fear, etc. Praise the Cohentrol Diversion Confusion, bring back indoor mask mandate — True North Reports

  1. You sound knowledgeable, you stick by your convictions and you don’t so any tap-dancing nor dreidle spinning ….you state …you state WHAT IT IS…that’s admirable sir…my DNA test showed a Germanic component on the Central European side ..

    Leo is my symbol….for what it’s worth…

    My lineage is not German..I am 50% French and 50% Czech…

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    1. Native French can be Celtic (Gallic), Germanic (Frankish) or italic (Roman), one or more of these or an overlap of all of the above, which is better off than Americans with ambiguous lineages.

      Native Czech is Bohemian originally was the same group of Germans who comprise Bavaria & Lombardy, in the more recent century overlaps various lesser Slavic groups (Depending on period). Czechs generally have more in common with Austrians than their Slavic neighbors.

      That being said you probably have more German in you than many Americans who brashly proclaim at being 100% German, the soul matters more for it is not mere cladding…

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      1. This is highly insightful…at current I am working with a multitude of records, books, assets, materials and other course documentation to trace my ancestry…it’s fascinating

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  2. No worries you have not erred in any way, your entitled to your opinions & unique perspectives. I was simply expressing why certain things irk me more (especially lately), it can be a fault of mine but consistency is important (hard-line), when a group/movement says their about one thing yet do another (not sometimes but nearly all the time) it is a problem for me.

    I can be very pointed & dry with how I address things, “white gloves” is not something I do particularly well.

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      1. People have have complained about my demeanor so I have to put caveats in advance from now on, just in case someone assumes I am taking an extra scolding tone with them.

        People often say I am attacking them when I am simply inquiring/explaining both offline & online, for instance I once hired contractors to install a chandelier/ceiling fan within one instance he called his boss & claimed I was “being abusive” in less than 5 minutes of entering the door, it was a WTF for me.

        It is pretty annoying but something I have come to terms with with that how I sound to myself is not what people interpret.

        INTJ + Scorpio + North German (Hanseatic Neighborhood) it is the bane of all extroversion, not to mention my (late) father was an ISTJ + Scorpio of the generation before Baby-boomers I think you can form a mental image of our interactions.

        Es tut mir leid ~ Die Macht der Gewohnheit.

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  3. I don’t doubt that people like Janet Woodcock are rotten untrustworthy appendages of Zionism/Crony Capitalism who operate at the expense of others.

    However, what is the Dissident movement’s more aptly the Right’s in particular to the U.S.A. obsession with black-listing Fentanyl – You’re Third Position even why are you invested?

    This is something I only hear in America among Dissidents, not in Europe or even Canada.

    I understand that Americans like to ban everything that makes them lose self-control but this is a drug when used by people who need it allows them to live.

    Americans ban something upon impulse because of some idiot that went too far so the government agencies (FDA) will ban something that within Europe is Federally administered for very strict medical use & they don’t have the same drug issues as America.

    Let me tell you something my wife takes a Medical Fentanyl patch under prescription (not without difficulty I should add), she is not a US citizen no thanks to the restrictions in the U.S.A. & requires the Canadian loophole to get Fentanyl at all…

    Fortunate for me U.S. dollars are worth more in Canada after conversion.

    Without this she would be screaming in horrible pain every day to the point of total bodily shut-down, she has a permanent pick-line running to her aorta due to reasons I cannot elaborate upon (very personal & devastating trauma) which nearly took her life…

    A large chunk of my stimulus cheque went for her medical well-being. I did it unflinching & would do it over & over again because I love her unconditionally.

    I have never loved anyone more than her, not even my own mother…

    Would you as an individual dissident (if you had someone important other than your lonesome who relied upon you) discard what the Right has drilled into your brain because “everyone said so” or do what is right (move mountains) for those you love?

    Principles should be weighed upon what is the right thing to do “regardless of jargon” not because a herd validated it for you.

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    1. There is clearly a distinction between a medicinal requirement for the pain killer Fentynyl and the fact that many small time drug dealers here in the Boston area, as well as in NYC, Hartford and Philadelphia, lace their heroin, their weed even! With Fetty. Also, there are people in Fall River and New Bedford (small cities south of Boston) that press zanax/Percocet/other pills with Fetty. That’s the concern

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      1. Allow me to be brash, I already know all this. That does not change that Americans have a very all or nothing mindset, everything is Black & White most especially within “Right-Wing” or Dissident confluences.

        Obviously there is a black-market for drugs & degenerate subcultures which arise from it that is not what I was addressing.

        It also does not change that Medical Fentanyl while not impossible to acquire in the U.S.A. is still very problematic to acquire, FYI there is a marked difference between Generic Fentanyl & Name brand.

        American Medical coverage is trash period, because no one wants to pay taxes in the proper area to reform this, on the Right having fair medical is equated to Communism which is another stupidity that makes me want to chuck the lot of the Right into the bin.

        You also forget the Majority of people (Dissidents) who see arguments against Fentanyl are not going to make the discrepancy between medical or street-drugs, I stopped giving dissidents the benefit of the doubt some time ago.

        Just like most don’t read.

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      2. It’s not even the degenerate subculture. It’s flacco – who laces a bag of marijuana with deadly Fetty …and sells it to an unwitting 15 year old who drops dead on the spot because Narcan and weed is like a fun rack on a Lexus. My hand was heavy in the attorney general suit brought against the Sackler Family by the Attorney General of Massachusetts.

        I don’t know alot about opiates other than the fact I’ve lost five of my friends to overdoses….each of them suffered a legitimate injury, were prescribed oxycontin…. abruptly they were taken off the oxy, only to be left with the withdrawals…to seek out pills on the street….ending up with a needle in their arm within weeks….

        I don’t look at the opiate issue as a politically aligned issue.

        In America , our National Institute of Health gives BILLIONS of dollars in grants to research new pain meds and trials….meanwhile there is pennies on the dollar available to formulate research that’s TARGETS THE ROOT OF THE PAIN

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      3. I’ll call a spade a spade here, it is a degenerate whim of people be it either within the mainstream or within the confines of specific sub-cultures, this an issue with both those in power & those without power who perpetuate the market for said poison, little or small. Many on the right who claim traditionalism & anti-degeneracy are also guilty while they trash drug-culture, druggies or people, they simply do not agree with yet behind closed doors will pay a street-peddler the lifeblood of their loved ones for that next hit.

        That was my Black-pill to the Right 3+ years ago.

        You might not see it as politically aligned, it does not change the fact that many in fact do.

        The National Health Institute like many institutions are an entity with motivation of lining its own pockets I was referring to having European Healthcare reforms not endorsing institutional corruption.

        But I will agree the focus of said institutions are not to the benefit of Medicine, painkillers treat the symptoms not the ailment but sometimes, the ailment cannot be cured, in rare instances the affliction cannot be cured some still bide their time because their purpose is not yet clear.

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