Compendium: Introduction to the Art of Technology

The Fourth Estate

Another variation of the Political Organization Problem pertains to Technology affecting how various artforms are conducted and how people discuss and critique them. Life imitates art, it is often said, and the type of Total Mobilization being employed affects the artforms in themselves. Total Mobilization of Production for Profit focuses on what sells based on popularity according to the Incentives of Supply and Demand. Total Mobilization of Production for Utility, meanwhile, follows a similar set of parameters beyond yielding various subcultures and fandoms within a prevailing pop culture. Art itself is treated as ways for consumerist curators to comfortably visit museums to see works of art from centuries past and for less-than-voluntary almsgiving to the masses on the other as expressions of the Austrian School’s conception of Marginal Utility. Ludwig von Mises and Friedrich von Hayek really did not care how abstract any work of art looks, preferring to…

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