The Myths Of Afghanistan

The American Sun

Submitted by Dan Winchester

Within the last week, Taliban forces have taken advantage of our withdrawal to sweep across the entire country. The New York Times mournfully compares the US leaving Afghanistan to the betrayal at the end of the Vietnam war in 1975. But that claim is misleading. The Taliban do now control most of Afghanistan, but their success doesn’t parallel that of North Vietnam. The fall of Saigon was the culmination of a spring offensive by the North Vietnamese army against that of the South, which had a real army (in spite of our supply embargo). There was no such offensive in Afghanistan. The Afghan army was a fake army that “collapsed under pressure” without a shot being fired. The Taliban didn’t “win” militarily: it was unopposed.

There’ve been several articles in papers of record trying to explain the Taliban’s sudden, unexpected “win.” Most of them…

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