The Left Wing Media is Weakened. Afghanistan Pullout.

Digital Empire

This message is sponsored by the Biden Defense Gang (TM) (R) (Kosher tax symbol) (Halal tax symbol)

If the left wing media can’t even defend Biden on this simple issue, then what good are they?

This is Biden’s Vietnam moment

Tony Blair and George Bush are responsible for this war. Obama betrayed the American public. Trump wanted to use the Taliban (yes the Taliban) against the Xinjiang people in China.

Biden got us out of this big mess.

Biden’s pullout was too hasty. He should have evacuated American personnel before the troops.

This move would have given the Taliban a green light to go ham on Afghanistan.

The gamble was to let the Afghanistan military prove themselves in battle. Obviously the Afghanistan military gave up on day one, and this gamble failed swiftly.

The Afghanistan soldiers weren’t being paid by the Afghanistan government. This was the Afghani puppet government’s fault…

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