Hundreds of doctors sign open letter to PM: Need debate on ‘flawed covid guesses’

Freedom Of Speech

The letter released yesterday was signed by 133 doctors, nurses, psychiatrists and midwives. Of the lockdown policy. A letter to the Ministers and Prime Ministers of Health in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland states: You have removed basic rights from people and changed the structure of society with little discussion in Congress. ”

Signatories from a wide range of disciplines have come forward, despite the risks of doing so in both their work and reputation.

Dr. Ross Jones, a retired pediatric consultant and founding signator, said:

We can no longer wait silently. We are writing to the government in such terms, not the first group of medically and scientifically qualified professionals. In March, 22 prominent scientists publicly called for drastic policy changes. I sincerely hope to be the last person to feel the need to write such a letter. “

Another founding signator, Dr. Alan Mordew, said: Future winter respiratory…

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