How The Globalist Propaganda Sausage Gets Made

Stormhaven Media

Canadians , specifically Albertan’s , are being subjected to yet another exercise in defamation from the Toronto Star. This one proclaims boldly, from behind its paywall containing the actual details, that Migrant Agricultural workers had to flee horrible abuse at the hands of evil Alberta Vegetable farmers. Like much of what passes for journalism these days this is sponsored spin designed to push the open borders agenda . Lets dissect this piece of spin and in doing so have a look at the mechanisms that create it. I include the Press Reader version of the article here

Lets start with the Journalist and author of the piece. Firstly the Author Sara Mojtehedzadeh is not actually paid by the Star newspaper chain, good thing as its revenues are crashing. Sarah is paid by a private foundation it turns out

So who are these paragons of Social Justice working diligently to…

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