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It bears mentioning, that new is not always better. I’ve taken it upon myself to read Vilhelm Groenbech’s “The Culture of the Teutons” in the Original English (that’s a joke.) I am happy to confess that Herr Gronbech has thoroughly subverted my expectations. I shall note also the window in which the book was put forth, being 1931. For those who are aware, I have made this argument in writing before – but there was a brief and blessed window in which the Germanic peoples were ambling toward a nascent potential unity. It was disrupted, thoroughly and awfully, and I think you know when.

The point is: information of an anthropological sort tends to have a much different character, when published before the late thirties, than it does after the mid 40s. Again, one could build a cohesive worldview bridging the Atlantic with texts from the corners of the civilised…

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