America’s Suez: a seminal moment in world politics


By Jim Sillars

This essay is a more extensive examination oftheUS- exit from Afghanistan than space permitted in a letter I wrote to The Herald on 18th. August.

The US exit from Afghanistan, with the appalling prospect for millions of women of being plunged back into a 7th.century world, and the execution of those men with previous job connections toNatoforces, is a human catastrophe within that country. Any pretence that the UnitedStatesorany other western statecan, post-exit, have influence upon Taliban behaviour is just that – pretence.

The states that matter to the Taliban in their external relations are Pakistan, China,IranandRussia, in that order.None will interfere or condemn how the Taliban operates as a government.Pakistan hashad a long continuing relationship with them in their exile, and is not in the least bit phased by their return to control. China’s interest is two-fold: to get access to the…

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