Connecting the Dots

#Portland #Seattle #Antifa #Capitol #Constitution #immigration

The Real Truckmaster


Connecting the Dots

I remember when civil unrest by domestic terrorists wreaked havoc in places like Portland and Seattle and when President Trump sent in federal agents you’d think he had set fire to the Federal Courthouse in Portland. Remember the “No Go Zone” and Antifa assaulting the courthouse, police precincts and private citizens in those cities? It was Speaker Pelosi who contacted the mayor of Portland, telling him to just let it ride. Do nothing and refuse federal aid offered by the president.

I also remember the George Floyd incident in Minneapolis where peaceful protesters marched to highlight the civil unrest resulting from the “murder” of Floyd in police custody. Based on what we saw on video, read in official police reports and saw on television the peaceful protest turned into looting, burning, loss of life, rioting and anarchy as groups like Black Lives Matter and Antifa flooded…

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