Compendium: The State and the Socialist Concept of Property

#Compendium #FourthEstatePolicy

“The State and the Socialist Concept of Property”

The Fourth Estate

The concept of Property can and will exist under Socialism. The Work-Standard reinforces this fact because it recognizes that the Liberal Capitalist conception of Property is ill-suited for the Total Mobilization of Production for Dasein. What John Locke called “Private Property” in Two Treatises of Government is really just Private Wealth in terms of Kapital, just as Thomas Hobbes’ “Common Property” in Leviathan is the “Common Wealth” in terms of Kapital. The latter term, “Common Wealth,” is also the etymological basis behind the English term of ‘Commonwealth’ to describe its former colonies in Canada, Australia and New Zealand. American States like Virginia or Pennsylvania do retain this term within their full legal names (and in name only because of the American Revolutionary War granting them their independence from the British Empire).

Common and Private Properties are terms used by Liberal Capitalism to describe forms of political-economic governance based on…

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