Monopoly: Total Picture of “The Great Reset” (English subtitles) w/ Tim Gielen

high-grade discourse

a peek behind the veil…

Hey folks,

Wanted to share a pretty good “convo-starter” with you. Many of our friends and loved ones are on the cusp of awakening but still receive obstructions from the mind. This often manifests as ambivalence or even hostility towards anyone attempting to present non-mainstream narratives or “conspiracy theories.” This Dutch film is a nice segue to open further dialogue and presents evidence to substantiate the claims made.

Here’s a brief synopsis:

Less than a handful of mega-corporations dominate every facet of our lives today. From the breakfast sitting on the table in the morning, to the mattress we sleep on at night, and everything that we do, use or consume in between, involves some aspect of these powerful corporations in some capacity. In this video, filmmaker Tim Gielen shows how these corporations, or rather. their biggest shareholders, are the protagonists in the…

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