Media never interrogates questions pro-migrant politicians

Europe Renaissance

Government dependent media sinister collaboration with government figures is raising concern across borders. On-Message career journalists give prominent coverage to anti-White politicians who promote migrant invasions and claim migrants add to the economies of Europe.

Yet, mainstream media never interviews or questions the disappearance of ministers when feel-good predictions turn to nuclear dust. Most switched-on observers recall being repeatedly told that migrants were adding to the wealth of our nations.

According to a report, less than 1 in 3 adult Syrians in Sweden are self-sufficient; why would it be any different in your country or mine? Furthermore, while self-reliance continues to grow among the general taxed indigenous population, the trend among Syrians is going in the opposite direction.

Another point, migrants who are working tend to send their money to their families in their countries of origin not spending it in countries where they settle.

A new report by the…

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