The Sperg Box

There is a project I’ve been lending myself to, which is to say, the recording of audiobooks. The first I was assigned was Theogony, and the second, the Elder Edda. I’ve chosen to make my reading from the Benjamin (what an odd name) Thorpe translation of what is often credited to one Sæmund the Elder.

The first crux to come to is that one should, if they have inclinations toward Heathenry, or even Traditionalism in general, read such works aloud. It may be disjarring upon reflection to hear your own voice before you, but the feeling passes. Aloud is how these Eddas and Sagas were meant to be told. Much can be said of the written word, and lament though we may, not all of it good. Spoken word is older, and it will likely outlast the written. Especially if the trend of decay and ambiguation of our already mongrelised…

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