Brexit and Covid have hammered the hospitality sector. After many months of closure and uncertainty many thousands of hospitality staff from abroad have left Scotland and headed back home, hastened out the door by the realisation that the new conditions set by the Home Office to allow them to stay on a permanent basis are set at salary levels not possible in London never mind Scotland.

Understandably because hospitality has been hit more seriously than most other businesses, staff who were unsure when or if their business would reopen, have sought and secured jobs in other sectors.

This has led to a real crisis for hospitality businesses seeking to reopen as the Covid regulations are eased. There is a massive shortage of chefs and other experienced waiters and waitresses.

This is one of the big differences between East and West Europe. In Eastern Europe jobs in hospitality…

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  1. That’s a fresh take. I hadn’t thought much about the Hospitalities. But it’s true, the very rare times I go to a restaurant, nobody is happy and the atmospheres seem specifically designed to radiate contempt. I don’t pretend to know how much of a difference or net positive “Independence” would yield. (I use the quotation marks of mockery because few if any Nations I care about are free at all.) But, nevertheless, I’ve always admired Scottish culture. There are some pockets of Scottish community in New England, and while they only seem to come out of the woodwork for specific festivals and holidays, it’s always out in force.

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