Savitri Devi’s wise voice

The West’s Darkest Hour

BBC radio is notoriously anti-white but here we can hear a few words from Savitri Devi about Christianity:

‘I don’t believe [in] this mixing of Christianity and National Socialism. They are incompatible philosophically speaking. One is a Jewish product mixed with a sprinkling of Greek ideas. Its origin is Jewish, you can’t get out of it. First of all, I am a disciple of Adolf Hitler. And if I must have some religious denomination, well I call myself rather a Hindu than a Christian’.

Thanks to commenter Eschatological Optimist, this morning I discovered another of Savitri Devi’s books. It is fascinating that in the very last words of her Memories and Reflections of an Aryan Woman, a footnote, the priestess of our sacred words said: ‘With the diffusion of Christianity, interbreeding took place—in Latin America especially—to an extent without precedent’.

My eternal argument with white nationalists! (who don’t…

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