ANALYSIS: new Social Contracts not tired totalitarians

The Slog

The Slog surveys the march of unscientific advance, top-down government and counter-intuitive propaganda across a landscape littered with tattered flags, concluding that The People need a new Social Contract….but somebody needs to tell them.

Yesterday dawned a cloudy 28 degrees having been billed as crystal clear at 34 degrees. More models in action, no doubt….all weather forecasters use them, and yet predictions have never been more unreliable. I’m left wondering what the group term for models should be: a catwalk? A claypit? A mistake?

It is a worrying feature of contemporary Homo sapiens that, despite Andean mountain ranges of evidence that models are usually wrong (and always miles out when Artificial Intelligence has been applied) First World Establishments are addicted to models and busily replacing human beings with AI in every walk of life. But then, the last few years have taught us that the two drivers of this regrettable…

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