A return to common sense is needed in this Coronavirus SARS2 chaos.

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A return to common sense is needed in this Coronavirus SARS2 chaos.

by tonytran2015.

To fight against any emergency, available means must be used in the most rational manner. This fight against Covid-19 is no different. Here is the list of urgently needed changes for many governments.

1. All usage of medical persomnels should be costed and rationalized.

1a. Everyone in Australia seeing a doctor should be required to pay AUD 5.00 of his own money to stop them from frequenting doctors’ office twice weekly for no clear purpose.

The AUD 5.00 fees should be compared to the cost of a take away cup of coffee which is around AUD 3.00 (USD 2.20). Totally free consultation is a burden on Australian Healthcare system (100,000 irresponsible abusers of Medicare generate yearly 10,000,000 unnecessary consultations and consequential lab tests the cost of which may be of order 1 billion AUD.).

1b. Homecare/para-medicinemid…

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