9/11 Survivors And Firefighters Banned From 9/11 Anniversary

Banned Hipster

I was hoping the Taliban would take Kabul on September 11, 2021, which appeals to my autism as it’s a nice symmetry.

Survivors and firefighters are banned from the 9/11 Memorial service – AGAIN. Just like they were ten years ago. When I tried to go to the ten year anniversary, that is when all hell broke loose and I realized just how utterly universal surveillance was.

I had always assumed that only the very top of the ladder “knew” 9/11 was an “inside job.” That you know, the sort of work-a-day FBI agent, or the average NCO, all pretty much believed the lies about 9/11. I figured that only a certain kind of person, like the coach of the Seattle Seahawks, Pete Carroll, were skeptics

Late last spring, retired general Peter Chiarelli, who had just finished his term as the Army’s vice chief of staff, visited Carroll at the…

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