The Decline of America’s Greatest City

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After Bill de Blasio leaves office, the population of NYC will most likely drop to 8.25 million from 9.0 million. This is a disaster because the city is losing .75 million “high rollers” who contributed heavily to the 13.76 billion dollar tax revenue set off by the bull market.

In the meantime, Mr. Mayor has been re-distributing taxes to encourage opioid-addicted vagrants to move to the city and in 2020 according to NR, shootings increased by 97%, the homicide and burglary rate by 44% and the number of car thefts by 67%.

Again from NR: “New Yorkers have a kind of locally sourced patriotism you see maybe in Texas and hardly anywhere else.” After 12 years of my tour of duty in this city, I can validate that this is not only true but a highly valuable asset not to be wasted.

Author John Updike defined it so very accurately:

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