Do we need a new name?

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The Old Inheritance

Ar, there is an article by Wayne Allensworth, about Naming the Historic American Nation. The subtitle: To Combat Dispossession, Middle America Must Find a New Name.

This piece would seem to be directed toward those of us of old colonial stock. I don’t know that my readers are necessarily part of that group, but I know that some of you fit the description. But Allensworth is directing this piece at a wider group, not just those who are of the original founding stock of this country.

He does grant that Anglos, that is, English colonists, were the founders of this country and the ‘core’ people of the country.

“The American core, then, is Anglo. That founding core went on to assimilate, sometimes with some difficulty, waves of other Europeans. “Americanization” was the program whereby other Europeans were forced to conform to an Anglo-Protestant foundational culture. The founding stock plus…

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