Awakening Truth: Ancient Tech, Energy And Giants

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Verum Et Inventa

This is a neat little documentary for anyone wanting to look past the current ideology that has present-day humans at the top of the evolutionary ladder. Too bad it was only 40 minutes long! Featuring Brien Foerster and Jim Vieira, among others.

YT description: “Awakening Truth ” is here to show that perhaps our current civilization isn’t at the pinnacle of it’s evolution. Recent evidence points to the possibility of advanced ancient societies thriving on this planet over twelve thousand years ago. They appeared to utilize advanced technologies that still baffle us to this day. These ancient civilizations seemed to be more connected to the earth, working in harmony with our planet.

In the creation of Awakening Truth, we have gathered knowledge from accredited professionals around the globe regarding lost and suppressed information. Perhaps if we ask the right questions and open our minds, we can gain a better…

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