Secular Society, Secular Death

The American Sun

Observing American behavior since the start of covid, we are a nation of fearful children. Goalposts moved on addressing the illness from flattening the curve to zero deaths. Socially, the revelations were more dramatic. Many Americans became afraid of an aggressive, two week illness that over 99% of the infected survive. People revealed the yeast life they live.

This is a function of a secularized society that has removed all mystical and Christian strands from it. Even the churches that tried to maintain services were standing alone against bigger Christian institutions that dutifully followed government guidance. There was little acceptance that this is the one life we live with children to carry on our names or firm belief that the afterlife awaits them. We desacralized life and in doing so, lost an understanding of death. Even just the possibility of dying was too much of a risk for many.


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