Hehe. Shite just got worse… pt. One

TLAMN Incoming

Time to decide where we Stand.

Campers, I hate to be Doom and Gloom but I am unable to publish or write anything that’s knowingly suspect or straight up bollocks. If you don’t fancy believing, that’s fantastic! Doesn’t help matters, but hey, you feel better, right?

Relax, grab a cuppa and get Cozy, we’re going to be here a bit. I want to tell you a story about how horrible the DCCC and Co. truly are vs what they pretend to be. They, like ALL major Field Campaign Programmes did NOT care about Race, Gender, etc. at all. They cared about Numbers. That is all we are. In fact, only the “AA-Outreach” didn’t have to worry about being Washed-Out, they could miss EVERY Goal and Metric every GD week, but it was okay. Meanwhile, the rest of the Team were having borderline panic attacks ( I am not belittling this…

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