The Truth About Communism and Covid — The Unshackled

Vermont Folk Troth

Communism is actually the political idea that governments should have total control of their citizens all the time because free people are a bad thing for the world. They must be controlled for the betterment of the world is what modern communists believe. People who think this are actually mentally ill and they have the illness called Sociopathy. This mental illness involves hatred and fear of people in general, people they don’t even know!

Basically, sociopaths have gone crazy and see everyone as enemies or as being dangerous to them. Therefore these screwed-up-minded people thought up the idea of communism as a political theory so that the masses of people they hate and are scared of are under perfect control by the government all the time, thus leaving them feeling safe and good finally.

Sociopaths invented communism and other sociopaths support it because that’s how they want the world to…

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