Covid And Counterinsurgency Measures

The American Sun

The media and government have difficulty managing and maintaining narratives about covid and 1/6. Bits of reality leak out ruining the current story, forcing the quick, shoddy creation of new stories. Observing these two topics, it’s not hard to see how covid fighting methods and the media hysteria of 1/6 preview what the American government would do when battling a real insurgency.

Covid is a virus that is highly transmissible with a low fatality rate. For a variety of reasons (legit and opportunistic), state governments invoked a variety of powers to combat the virus. It’s spread person to person. Due to fears of asymptomatic spread, no one could be sure who was infected. It was most dangerous for transmission in large, group settings. These same risks apply to domestic strife. No one would be sure who a rebel is or level of involvement. Each of these unmarked rebels could recruit…

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