Everybody’s Still Kung Flu Fighting

The Sperg Box

I try very hard not to enthrall myself with Doctrinal struggles, at least not where they fall outside the realm of the 14 Words. Wassail on their followers. However there are days where I look back on my time in the Novus Ordo which purports to be the (Catholic) Church with a curiously fond regret. It never lasts long.

As late, I’ve been given over to thoughts of Liberty and Unity, or Union for those of us familiar with the Taunton Flag or my mixed bag thoughts on its ethnic antiquity. Where do the lines of conscience dictate where these things begin and end? Because there surely is a line.

Can you have it both ways?

Of course, the flag is a metaphor, just as our past is a metaphor. It is a weapon that can be taken up and thrown away. I’ve undergone some personal struggles lately, neatly encapsulated…

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