Iran Opens 1st Specialized Nuclear Industry Innovation Center – from FARS

TEHRAN (FNA)- The First Specialized Nuclear Industry Innovation Center was inaugurated in Tehran on Monday in the presence of Atomic Energy Organization of Iran (AEOI) Chief Ali Akbar Salehi and Vice-President for Science and Technology Sourena Sattari.


The First Specialized Nuclear Industry Innovation Center was launched with the aim of commercializing the research achievements of the country’s nuclear scientists.

The establishment of this Center is the first step in forming the innovation ecosystem in the nuclear industry and supporting the process of innovation development in this industry.

The nuclear industry of the country will benefit from developing peaceful applications of nuclear technology in medicine, agriculture, industry, etc.

In a relevant development in late May, Salehi said his country continues uranium enrichment at 5%, 20% and 60% levels of purity.

“The %5, 20% and 60% enrichments still continue and the quantity of our stored %20 enriched uranium is now over 90 kilograms,” Salehi said, adding that the 90-kilogram uranium was achieved in four months.

“The quantity of Iran’s 60% enriched uranium is over 2.5 kilograms and our stored 5% uranium weighs more than five tons,” he noted.

In relevant remarks in late April, a senior Iranian lawmaker lauded the country’s scientists for their capability to enrich uranium to the purity level of 60%, stressing that it showed the enemies’ failure to stop Iran’s scientific progress.

“60% uranium enrichment showed that the sabotage and terrorist acts of the Zionists and the arrogant powers cannot harm the scientific power of the Islamic Republic of Iran,” Mousavi Ahmadi told FNA on Saturday April 24.

“60% enrichment showed that we are able to do whatever we determine and our enemies should be assured that enrichment of uranium to higher levels is accessible to us as easy as the 60% enrichment,” he added.

Mousavi Ahmadi said that the Western countries should accept that they are facing a powerful Iran.

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