What is Real?

Journaling Through Life

Sometimes it’s nice to just take a moment and watch a little of George Carlin. A video clip appeared on my YouTube page with “Dumb Americans.” I’ve heard it before but it’s nice to hear again. He says it as it is. 16 million views of this one clip, not to mention how many other people have posted this clip. Still, America remains one of the stupidest countries in the world. It hasn’t changed since he made this rant in one of his routines. In fact, it has gotten worse.

In many ways, I’ve become bored with it. I noticed today that I’m sort of bored with this journey I’ve been on. Maybe it’s because I have taken it as far as I can take it. I’ve answered all of my questions. I can see things clearly now. In a way, I am free. Free of the reality of society…

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