Zionist Jews Freak Out Over A Country Song About The American Flag

Banned Hipster

Staind was my generation but they were too mainstream for me. I was a hipster remember, so that means I like music that is way, way cooler than the normie stuff you people listened to.

But god damn, they played that song “It’s Been Awhile” so many times I still remember it. In theory, it is exactly my taste, but it just doesn’t have that “alt” feel to it that like. Alice In Chains? They were great. But Staind, eh.

So apparently the guy from Staind, Aaron Lewis, grew up and became a “country rocker” and put out this song called “Am I The Only One” that has made Jews demand he get dropped from his label. All sorts of music insider drama over it.

OK, so the guy was a big Trumptard and wore a MAGA hat on his tours, so therefore he is … an “Alt Right darling.”

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