Determinants of Independence


HistoricallytheScotshavesuffered more than most from a heavy dose of British Anglophone cultural imperialism,alsoknownas cultural colonialism. Cultural imperialism involves an unequal relationship which favours the more powerful, in this caseAnglophone,‘civilisation’ and its culture.Inanycolonialismprojectthemaindivide between the ruling hierarchy and the native is inevitably cultural and linguistic, language forming the basis of culture.Where power lies is thepertinent featurehereand powerover Scotlandclearly does not lie in Scotland,far lesswith Scotslanguagespeakers, the latternow aminorityin Scotlanddue to thenationalScots languageneitherbeing taughtnor given any statutory authority.

ManyScotstodayappear toexhibitSchiller’s“packaged consciousness”wherebythe Britishmsmcreates, processes, refines and presides over the circulation of images and information which determines beliefs, attitudes, and ultimatelythebehaviour of Scots pertaining totheir veryidentityitself. Scots have been fed a concentrated British Anglophonecultural‘package’ for such a long time it islittlesurprise thatsomeScotstodayhold to a Britishand henceAnglophone ‘national’ identity and buy into the notion of British exceptionalism, and with that comes an impliedScottish ‘inferiority’.

The native bourgeoisie under cultural…

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