Goodthink and Wrongthink: The woke rampage

Transverse Waves

We live in a political culture that increasingly demands clear evidence of partisanship from us. At the moment, performance is no longer what counts, but belonging to the right fringe group. Anyone who dares to contradict the moral consensus is declared a pariah.

The tendency towards absolute truths and their implications (dealing with issues such as decolonization, migration, gender justice and racism) in various ideological garb has a shameful tradition, which one should never lose sight of because of its ominous potential.

Gender is also a political agenda that should be pushed through from above in order to educate people morally. The “correct” attitude is thus also displayed. But public administrations, scientific institutions and public service broadcasting should not arbitrarily change valid rules and norms. It would be nice if, like in France, we would strive for the “intelligibility and clarity” of the language. France’s Education Minister Jean-Michel Blanquer has…

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