The Disappearing Americans

The American Sun

Submitted by Chet

Growing up in a rural community, it was common to hear stories involving lifelong denizens of cities and suburbia with an idyllic view of the countryside deciding to make a move. The idea of growing gardens, being part of close knit communities where everyone knew everyone else, and having their children play with the semi-tame cats outside brings a wholesome view of old Americana that not even modern media can fully extinguish. Upon moving, the dirty, pungent realities of large-scale gardening, animal husbandry, and incessant small-town gossip gave a very different view, and a very different way of life. The taboos of city life have little effect, while a whole new set of taboos have to be learned. Upon the exodus of many people from the cities stemming from getting a little too close to diversity last year, many assumed that a new generation of people will…

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