Conflating virus fear & politicising media: the Rothschild connection

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“Who’s behind it all?” – Episode 3

A mad stat a Day keeps the Doctor Away

Over-counting Covid deaths (PHE, May 2020) could be described as one instance of careless; failing to report that 40% of Covid cases occurred during a hospital stay for some other ailment entirely (February 2021) might equally be dismissed as a second example of flimsy diligence; continuing to use “a hopeless” false-positives PCR test as the recorder of cases, however, is three in a row and suspicious; but then compounding the crime of covering up hospital hygiene issues by recording patients who caught the virus after hospital admission as having arrived with it in a further 30% of cases must surely evoke the response, “Just whatTF is going down here, and why are all the mistakes forever conflating rather than underestimating the level of cases?”

The Daily Telegraph as usual doesn’t go quite that far…

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