Treacherous Christian End Time Zionists

Rosamond Press

Millions of Americans are now facing eviction. Why do we not see Republican Zionists For Total Destruction marching in the streets to keep people in their home? Did my End Time neighbors try to get me evicted?


US evangelical preacher should be banned from entering UK, critics say | UK news | The Guardian

Many evangelical Christians believe the return of the Jews to their homeland heralds the beginning of the End Times, a biblical final chapter of life on Earth, when nonbelievers will be destroyed in an apocalypse while God whisks true believers to an eternal life before the second coming of Christ. But that evangelical interest in Israel as the harbinger of the End Times also contains a problem: For Jews to enter the kingdom of God, they must convert to Christianity. The question of conversion is deeply controversial in Israel, where a court recently shut down…

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