The Politics of Polarity

Ghost Town Monday

From the 6th to the 21st of May 2021, Israel and Hamas engaged in the latest installment of the endless conflict between Israeli state and the Palestinians. It was characterized by protests, riot control actions, rocket launches into Israel from the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip and retaliatory strikes from the Israel Defense Forces (IDF). Dozens of Israeli civilians died while over 200 Palestinians lost their lives as a result of this outbreak of violence.

A strange phenomenon was observed during this period of violence. People worldwide rallied to both sides and everyone seemed to take the most extreme positions possible. For instance any sort of condemnation on the IDF allegedly hitting civilian targets, or the Israeli government’s policy of settling Jews in the West Bank, which renders a two-state solution impractical, was condemned as anti-Semitism by the supporters of Israel.

On the other hand, justified outrage and condemnation of the indiscriminate…

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