Private Security: The Future of Law Enforcement?

Ghost Town Monday

The entire world was horrified when the video of the events leading to the murder of George Floyd by Minneapolis policemen Derek Chauvin surfaced. While trying to arrest Floyd, Chauvin is seen on the video kneeling on his neck for over 8 minutes while three other police officers display apparent approval of his actions.

Given the history of racial tension in the United States, it did not take long for protesters to take to the streets, mostly peacefully but violence and rioting was inevitable. It was a worldwide movement with demonstrations across all continents and universal condemnation of the murder.

In a remarkable turn of events, protesters across the US adopted a “defund the police” chant. This is not surprising given the controversial history between black people in America and the law enforcement, a relationship older than the US itself dating back to the slave patrols of the 18th century…

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