How Not To Fight Leftist Deconstruction

Open Air Insane Asylum

Any value that used to be derived from pointing out ‘liberal’ hypocrisy is long gone. Yet there remains a well-established industry of grifting ‘conservatives’ who have never conserved a single thing but manage to collect money for ‘trying.’ The gate-keeping midget, Ben Shapiro, has cornered the market on ‘center-right’ communication on Facebook. This is by design; that little fella helps the left attack and destroy anyone with hard-right, Nationalist views. As another example, I would rather watch the grifter Candace Owens twerk than hear her political opinion on anything relating to me and my people. And I hate twerking.

For fifty years or more, the chief function of the fake, hypocrisy-identifying ‘right’ in mainstream American politics has been to ankle-bite the leftists as they continue their long march through our now-destroyed institutions.

So, if I am arguing that this should no longer be permitted (through shaming and ignoring or other…

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