Blackrock, Forced Enrichment & the Great Reset

Open Air Insane Asylum

Bill Gates buys the farms. This creepy nerd just won’t seem to go away:

This creepy nerd is the biggest owner of farmland in America. He is also a globalist.

Blackrock (and the other globalist banks / asset managers) buys the suburbs (I get to that later, it’s the point of this post) using the many billions of dollars they have on hand plus unlimited trillions of dollars printed by their globalist partner, the Federal Reserve, under the cover of darkness. Remember, the Federal Reserve has NO ACCOUNTABILITY to anyone. They could print 100 Trillion dollars tomorrow, and they will if they need it to execute on their plans. They will never stop on their own, they must be stopped.

Why are they buying all these houses and turning them into rentals?

They’re going to make you live in the city, so you can never escape the enrichment from Africans and other “American” city dwellers being pumped into the country from the third world.

Our entire…

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