WORLD WAR ‘C’: ‘After COVID-19’, Davos Moves to Great Reset – By F. William Engdahl


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  • “…The fact that the cabal of the world’s most influential corporations and billionaires sit on the board of WEF with Kissinger’s student, Klaus Schwab, along with the head of the UN and of the IMF, with the CEOs of the world’s largest financial giants including Blackrock, BlackStone, Christine Lagarde of the European Central Bank, David Rubenstein of Carlyle group, Jack Ma, richest billionaire in China, is proof enough this Great Reset is not being done with our true interests at heart, despite their silky words. This dystopian agenda is 1984 on steroids. COVID-19 was merely the prelude”

SM:….Blue states are magically reopening & reporting a sudden drop-off in infection rates now that the evil underlord has been removed from the throne. What to do?….move immediately to the second assault of the global ‘Hybrid War’…

After COVID, Davos Moves to Great Reset – By F. William Engdahl

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