What Will the Singularity Feel Like? #4 – from Thoughts of We

The Thoughts of We

What will the Singularity feel like? I believe it will be a very different world from our own, I don’t think we will see the humans of the future that look like us. If you were to imagine what the world would be like if humans had all the advantages of artificially intelligent supercomputers, well then we would have an Earth like planet where every human on the planet would be an AI supercomputer, which would be called a virtual personal assistant. And that world would be a very interesting place indeed. However, it is not only likely that we will never find ourselves to be like this, I think we should also realize that the future is already here, it is just waiting for us to make it work and I believe the Singularity is what is going to help make this happen.

What will the Singularity Feel Like

You see, the Singularity is the…

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